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The desert of Baja California Sur shelters a beautiful spot with fruit trees and green fields. It is this town where the encounter of cultures is something that happens every day and the visitors are captivated by the intense artistic life that is found in its galleries and festivals, by the subtle enchantment of its streets and the enveloping sway of its beaches that look to the Pacific Ocean.
Home of artists, surfers, and foreigners, is located at 80 kilometers south of La Paz and its streets are loaded with history and invite to explore them block by block by portraying their aged properties invaded by the aromas of the desert and Todos Santos kitchens. All of this motivates travelers to venture into this destination that is also a spectacular set for surfing.
The town was founded in 1733 as the mission of Santa Rosa de Todos Santos. One of the most widespread legends of Todos Santos is the one about the Hotel California that supposedly was the inspiration of the Eagles group to compose the world-famous song that bears its name.
In the galleries of Todos Santos, It is possible to find works of art by renowned artists to satisfy all tastes. In some of them, there are handicrafts from different parts of Mexico, mainly from the state of Guerrero. At Emporio Hotel California you will be able to acquire from Persian rugs to hotel shirts. There are also books, art photography, vintage clothing, jewelry with rhinestones, jumping beans and crafts from various countries, including African, Indian, and other Asian countries.
Close to a farming community called El Pescadero, you will find Cerritos where you can take a space in the sand and spend the day. It is also a good place to learn how to surf and you will find instructors willing to help you. The place is also ideal for gathering spots and the several kilometers of open beaches are suitable for swimming. Of course, with the typical Pacific currents, always do it with caution.
Considered magical town, it is an oasis in the middle of the desert waiting for you.

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